3 easy ways to boost your beautiful image

This year, why not simplify your life so you can savour every last second of the fleeting summer months? On personal style, for example, we don’t need to complicate things to put our best foot forward. Here are three little quick tips to keep us all carefree:

1) Make a bold lip statement – To make a beauty statement with minimal effort, reach for your favourite lipstick or crayon to add a pop of colour.

2) Plan easy layers – If you’re on the go, or short on time when selecting an outfit, opt for clothing with built-in layers. Layering can add dimension and a quick flare to any outfit without much fuss or thought.

3) Freshen up – Having a great smile and feeling confident can boost anyone’s personal image. But nothing kills confidence faster than bad breath – especially when it hits right before an unexpected big meeting at work, or during a social gathering with friends. Simply carrying mints or gum like new Excel Naturally Sweetened gum will give you a fresh breath boost on the go.

Source: News Canada