3 Winter Sports Safety Tips

The best part of winter for many of us is hitting the ski slopes, but it’s important to do it safely to prevent injuries. For example, make sure that ski and snowboard bindings are adjusted for your height and weight. Always check the weather conditions and watch the trails for icy patches and other potential hazards.

Here are a few more safety tips from Ontario chiropractors:

Dress for the weather. Layered clothing is better at keeping your muscles warm and your skin dry so you don’t get chilled. You may want to invest in clothing designed specifically for winter outdoor activities, available at your local outdoor or sporting goods store, or layer garments made of natural fibres like cotton, wool and silk.

Know when to rest. Rest when you feel tired. Stop your activity immediately if you experience sudden or prolonged pain in any joint or muscle. Cool down by stretching and change into dry, warm clothes.

Stay hydrated. Don’t be fooled by the temperature. Your active body needs plenty of fluids even though it’s cold outside. Be sure to drink lots of water or juice before, during and after winter sports.

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Courtesy of: www.newscanada.com