4 Bold Makeup Trends to Try

Try some bright and easy beauty this summer.

The summer time is a great time to try something bright.

The middle of summer is not the time to fuss with a full face of makeup. Go bright on one feature—violet lids, tangerine lips, or cobalt lashes—and keep the rest of your face bare for a striking, gorgeous look with the least effort. There’s no better time to go bright than in the summer so have some fun and experiment with colours. Here we show you how to wear it, plus multiple colour options so you can take your pick. Just keep in mind to not pair your outfit with your makeup. This ends up creating a more retro vibe instead of a fresh and modern take. Not used to wearing bold hues anywhere other than your lips in your makeup routine? We have tips for beginners as well. Start small (a swipe of blue mascara or a touch of purple liner) and gradually work your way into it (a full wash of colour on your eyelids), so you can get used to the look before diving in headfirst. And if you’re still nervous about adding a bold shade to your everyday routine, try it on your nails instead. Choose a fun colour at the nail salon instead of your usual nude or light pink for a small, fun tweak. The best part is it only takes one swipe to help liven up your look so you can keep the rest of your makeup super simple and clean, while letting the pop of colour do the talking.

  1. Violet Lids

“Purple on the eyes is fresh and unique, yet it really does look good on all skin tones,” says makeup artist Moani Lee. “Press shadow onto skin with a brush, then blend it out at the crease.”

  1. Coral Nails

Pair clean skin with vibrant nails.

  1. Cobalt Lashes

Adding blue mascara makes the whites of your eyes look brighter.

  1. Tangerine Lips

Tangerine Lips “Orange lips are refreshing and unexpected, plus they warm up the skin for summer,” says Lee.


SOURCE: Real Simple