4 Reasons To Travel Over Christmas

Dreaming of the holidays brings to mind snow, Christmas trees and large family dinners at home. Many of us can’t imagine stepping away from our usual traditions to celebrate the holidays somewhere else.

But there is an alternative. Here are four reasons to travel over Christmas:

  • Someone Else Cooks Christmas Dinner

No more worrying about basting the turkey, making the stuffing, and making sure there’s something for picky Aunt Sue to eat. Let any restaurant at your destination of choice pamper you with a dinner you can cater to suit your needs. Most will offer turkey, but perhaps this year, you’d prefer pasta. Go for it.

  • Eliminate Christmas shopping

Many families agree to use gift-buying money to fund a family vacation instead. Not only does this minimize the amount of time you have to spend in crowded shopping malls buying things you’re not sure your loved ones will enjoy, but you know for sure the gift you give yourselves will be loved by everyone.

  • Less Family Stress/More Family Time

During the holiday season, you will inevitably find yourself in a situation where you have to make small talk with your distant uncle at the annual Christmas brunch of your slightly-less-distant aunt. Going away with your closest family ensures that you not only get quality time with those you love most, but you minimize the time spent with those you don’t.

  • Avoid Decorating Disasters

We all love to see the Christmas decorations adorning the homes of others, but putting up and taking down all those lights, stars, angels and wreaths every year can be exhausting. Going away for the holiday means you can let your destination do the decorating, while you simply sit back and enjoy.

If the holidays are starting to be more work than wonderment, spend them somewhere new, doing something new, with the ones you love. Let a new tradition evolve in your family – one that you will all enjoy for a long time to come.