4 Tips For Booking Last-Minute Trips

Plan a successful last-minute holiday vacation with these tips 

Booking a last-minute vacation with friends or family always seems like a fun idea. But last-minute deals can be risky, depending on the availability of vacation packages.

If you’re not fussy about location, you can find a great trip to suit your needs. Here are a few tips that can help you book a successful last-minute holiday.

Be flexible. Be open to the destination and the accommodations. Consider that the most popular locations, hotels and rooms are always the first to be booked. Remember that you’re just looking for a spontaneous jaunt, so don’t expect to find everything that you want in a vacation package. You may have to make some compromises.

Be open to a mid-week departure. Most people tend to book weekend departures. So be open to taking off mid-week, such as on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Be prepared to act fast. Keep in mind that last-minute deals can be snapped up in minutes. That’s why you should have all the proper travel documents on hand before you start perusing last-minute packages. Always consider purchasing travel insurance so that your holiday is enjoyable and worry free.

Don’t give up your consumer protection. All travel agencies in Ontario must be registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, the province’s travel regulator. When you book with a registered travel agency or website, consumer protection is available to you. Find more information at tico.ca.

(Source: NewsCanada)