4 Tips For Summer Road Trips With Your Pet

Long road trips are often a highlight of the summer for Canadians, but they always involve lots of planning and preparation to make sure you don’t end up at the lake without a bathing suit. Don’t forget to include your beloved furry friend in your plans, by making sure to pack their necessities and favourite goodies. Before hitting the road, keep your pet happy and healthy with these tips for a pet-friendly trip.

  1. Make sure they’re comfortable. Confining your dog or cat to a small space for an extended period of time can make them anxious, so it’s important to provide them with familiar comforts. It’s also best to ease them into longer car trips, and wise to ensure that your road trip isn’t the animal’s first time in a vehicle. If your pet is going to be riding in their crate, include their favourite toys to help keep them entertained.
  2. Have their medical documents with you. Many pet owners leave for a vacation with their dog or cat and don’t think to bring their pet’s medical information with them. If your pet gets sick while you’re travelling, having their medical history available provides vital information that may help the vet decide on the best treatment.
  3. Make frequent stops. Plan your stops ahead of time to ensure they happen in pet-friendly areas, but be flexible if you notice your pet is becoming agitated.
  4. Bring a variety of food. When on the go, both wet and dry pet food have their own conveniences — dry food makes feeding pets easy and keeps clean-up to a minimum, and offering wet food with fresh water at rest stops helps keep your dog hydrated. According to a recent survey, more than half of Canadians are only feeding their pet wet food occasionally, or never at all — but this is especially important during the summer to keep your pet cool and comfortable.

You can find more information and tips on mixed feeding at petmixedfeeding.ca


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