5 ways to teach kids to be environmentally friendly

Have you ever thought about what you can do to be more green? A great way to start is by teaching your kids about foods and gardens to help them build a deeper appreciation for the environment.

Teach your kids about seeds and where they come from. A good starting place is putting a bean in a cup lined with a damp paper towel. Day by day, they can watch it grow into a beautiful plant.

Show children where their food comes from on the map. Then show how it is transported and how local food is fresher when it is brought from nearby farms.

Have kids plant tomatoes or vegetables in your garden or community garden. They may find they like to eat vegetables when they have grown them themselves.

Encourage kids to plant some bee-friendly plants. Bees need more support to pollinate flowers and don’t care about the size of your garden. You can plant daisy and mint flowers, blanket flowers and sedums. All these are great in your garden or in pots.

Teach the kids about birds, like their names and how to recognize their calls. Birds also give your garden balance and make it healthier. They keep insects from getting out of hand and seeds from growing into weeds. Install a bird bath and encourage birds to shelter in your garden.


SOURCE: News Canada