6 Must-Have Pieces To Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is just around the corner! With the warmer weather and budding blooms, it’s time to take off the parkas and winter boots to let your fresh style shine through. But getting your wardrobe ready for spring doesn’t mean throwing it all out and starting anew. A few key pieces can update your look to keep your style current without breaking the bank.

  1. Lace It Up

Lace anything is a must-have this season. Skirts, dresses and even shoes adorned with the delicate fabric, adding a bit of Victorian whimsy to any outfit. While we happen to have an on-going love affair with lace dresses, it is dainty bralettes that are giving us the lace feels this season. We first saw them on Kendall and Gigi, and now they are everywhere. Wear yours over a white t-shirt to keep it PG, or over a black bra for a super sexy look. Either way, a little lace will go a long way.

  1. Not Just For Your Boyfriend-Jeans

Yes, ladies! We can finally let go of our skinny jeans and breathe again! Jeans for this season are lower, looser and a lot more comfortable. When looking for your boyfriend jeans, make sure they sit around your hips and don’t sag in the bum. The best ones will be a little roomy in the leg and still fit all your curves. Cuff them at the bottom and wear them with your favourite booties for a fresh that is stylish, casual and comfortable.

  1. Pump It Up In White

Whether you’re stepping into a high-powered meeting or stepping out for Sunday brunch, nothing adds a splash of newness to your spring wardrobe like sky-high white pumps. Take them to the office to freshen up an old suit (we love pairing them with coloured tights!), and pair them with your favourite boyfriend jeans for weekend fun. However you style them, stand tall and let them walk you right into spring.

  1. One-Sleeved Shirts

We hope you’re not tired of shoulders because they’re not hiding this season. While showing off your shoulders is trendy no matter how you do it, we’re especially loving the one-sleeved tops adorning the shoulders of our favourite celebs this season. Add a big cuff to the wrist on your bare arm to make the whole look pop.

  1. Geometric Earrings

Switching up your jewelry is a simple and inexpensive way to revitalize your wardrobe this season. While it’s easy to default to our good ‘ol hoops, think about adding big geometric patterns to your earrings this year. In gold, silver or metal dipped in any colour you like, big patterns in jewelry are fresh, sassy and unexpected.

  1. Brighten Up Your Blazers

A pop of colour when it’s least expected will turn heads and make you the reigning fashion queen at work and on your social scene. A bright blazer is a great way to make your black pants, your old jeans or your simple shoes stand out. Keep the shoulders soft to make it versatile from work-wear to after-work wear.  Go for pink, orange, yellow or green. Think bright. Think bold. Wear it proud, and don’t be afraid to make a statement – that’s the whole point.