A Hair Salon Visit That May Surprise You

A new season often means a new haircut is in order, so you’re likely headed to the salon soon. But did you know that visiting an uncertified hairstylist exposes you to a host of risks — including bacterial infections, cuts and abrasions, as well as burns and scarring from hot hairstyling tools? Fortunately, these risks are easily preventable by visiting a certified hairstylist.

An individual must be an active member of the Ontario College of Trades in order to legally practice one of the province’s 22 compulsory trades. Licensed hairstylists receive clear and consistent training around health, safety and sanitation standards.

“A trained professional will know it is necessary to conduct preliminary tests, such as hair and scalp analyses, to ensure a client is not allergic prior to using any chemical products,” assures Debbie Dunseath, a certified hairstylist and teacher based in Sault Ste. Marie.

Certified hairstylist Tanya Hill suggests doing your homework before your next salon visit. “Start by searching a hairstylist’s name on the Ontario College of Trades’ Public Register,” she recommends.

To ensure your next hair salon visit is a safe and happy one, follow these tips:

• Ask to see credentials. A college membership card indicates that a hairstylist has received certification in that trade, and includes an eight-digit number that can be used to verify their status on the college’s Public Register.

• Check the Public Register. Use the online Public Register at collegeoftrades.ca to verify an individual’s qualifications by typing in their name or eight-digit number, which can be found on their membership card or certificate of qualification.

• Understand the results of the Public Register. An active membership status indicates a member is in good standing with the college, and is legally qualified to work in Ontario.

To look up your hairstylist and find out more about how to ensure a safe salon experience, visit collegeoftrades.ca.

Source: www.newscanada.com