A Mother’s True Love

As you go through different phases of your life you think you know what love is all about. Then you enter a new chapter in your life called motherhood and boy does your definition change! From the first moment you hold your baby in your arms you forget about the discomfort you were in for 9 months of pregnancy and all your labour pains. This little bundle of joy was totally worth it everything and that is love!

baby and momA mother is the most important person in a baby’s life. She is the one that will stay up at night to walk them or rock them to comfort or sleep. She is the one that keeps her baby clean, fed and loved. She is the one that knows things about them, things no one else knows, what every little sound means. She loves them like no-one else can.

As the baby grows their bond grows through experiences making their love stronger. A mother truly feels whatever her child is feeling. When her child is sad, she is sad; when her child is happy, she is happy; when her child succeeds, she succeeds; when her child is hurt, she is hurt; when her child is nervous, she is nervous. All her child’s emotions are felt by her, it’s like they are part of each other forever.

boy and momChildren give their moms fulfillment, joy, love and energy like no-one else. They give their mothers the drive or energy to keep going even if it means sleepless nights. Here love is selfless in every way; she automatically puts her kids’ needs first.

As a mother of two I can back all this up with my experiences. There is no love like a mothers love for her children. I worry and think about them all the time; when they are in school and I’m at work. I have learned to love and cherish our time together because time flies. I love it when they say or do cute little things, when we play together, when we cook together, when we watch TV together, when we read together and all the other things we do together. Here is a little poem from a mother to a child for this Valentine’s Day.

A Mother’s True Love

I started to love you from the day I knew you were in my tummy

My love for you continued from the day I first saw you

My love for you will continue to grow through all that we experience

I love you in all that you do; good and not so good

I promise to love, cherish and protect you until the day I die

On the reverse side, as a child, I cherish all that my mother has done and still continues to do for me. She provided me with a great childhood and is now my best friend. I only hope that my children feel the same way I feel about her.

This Valentine’s Day remember your mother, because her love is forever and true!