A Template for Every Kind of Music is Available Today: AR Rahman

Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman says technology has made things so easy for musicians that there is a template readily available for every type of music.

Rahman, 49, spoke about the impact of technology on the working of the music industry on TV show Vh1 Music Diaries.

“If you want House music, there is a template. You want Jazz music, there’s a template. The good old days of creating things from the basic DNA have gone unless you are very, very careful about constructing a sound. I think it is a conquerable beast. You have to conquer it,” Rahman said.

Talking about the synergy between music and technology for future, theTamasha composer said, “It’s going to be a fight,” mentioning that today’s technology renders musical templates to every kind of genres, making it easier for artists to compose music.

Vh1 Music Diaries documents journeys of acclaimed musicians and their music projects through conversations with the host P-Man Pereira.

Rahman also revealed he has been a big fan of American pop duo The Carpenters — siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter.

When asked about the first CD he bought in his life, Rahman talked about the famous duo. “I am a big fan of the voice of The Carpenters,” he said.

Source: www.dnaindia.com