Accomplish Major Chores as a Family

Laundry can be a daunting task — taking time to sort, wash, and fold all the socks, shirts, slacks, and sweaters for every different activity. For most Canadian families, and especially the Di Fonzo family, the mountain of clothes can seem unconquerable.

With six sons living at home, Rachel and Joe Di Fonzo do more than their fair share of laundry every week. The busy family runs 12 loads of clothing and four loads of bedding, sheets, and towels each week.

With this many loads of laundry, the Di Fonzos need a laundry system they can depend on. To manage this mega chore, they use their Maytag high-efficiency top load extra-large capacity laundry pair that lets them do more laundry in less time. The washer is tough on stains and can handle a mountain of 32 of the Di Fonzo’s towels in a single load.

The family also lightens the load by dividing the work. Rachel puts the loads in and each son is assigned a weeknight when they are in charge of hanging the clean laundry. The following evening, each son collects their laundry in their individually labelled laundry bin and takes it upstairs to be put away. With a little help from everyone, this is a laundry routine that’s up to the task.


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