Anti-Gravity Fitness

When I first came across the sign that read ‘gravity yoga’ on the outside of one of the most beautiful yoga studios in Toronto, I was definitely interested. I had read about it and heard of all the hype around gravity related exercise experiences. In fact, I have been seeing it much more around the city in the past couple of years. Spas and fitness centres are offering anti-gravity classes all over our beautiful innovative city, describing these amazing experiences to be weightless, suspended, anti-gravity or floating. We can all relate to that amazing stress free, melting your worries away type of feeling that overcomes our body when we’re floating in a pool. With this new workout I was happy to find experiences I can now enjoy where I can feel that same deepening psychological escape from reality for a little while.

So here are some of the amazing anti-gravity fitness classes I came across that are sure to leave us all feeling light, weightless and stress free! My favourite is the anti-gravity yoga classes which are offered with hammocks ready for each student to practice on, yup you don’t need your mat for this one. The classes are usually a mix of basic hatha yoga postures with a focus on mobility and decompression of the spine, ideal for students suffering from chronic back pain or spinal injuries.

Anti-gravity treadmill machines, elliptical machines and rowing machines and so many other anti-gravity machines can be found now in almost any gym. Aqua fitness has also been providing that weightless feeling for years and now you can find spin classes, yes aqua spin with bikes actually in the pools to get that anti-gravity feeling while really challenging your muscles in the water.

There are dozens of benefits of anti-gravity related exercises; from being more aware of your entire body while being suspended or floating, that is guaranteed, to also lengthening the spine and letting it stretch and decompress in its truest from, weightless. Celebrities like Pink even incorporated the beautiful hammock gravity aerial experience in her 2010 Grammy performance which in my opinion has been one of the most beautiful, artistic performances yet. So why not give this a try? Let your body float, and feel the benefits of anti-gravity today!