Anywhere Weekly Workouts

For the most part summer months tend to take us out of our routine, with kids being out of school and vacation time. With all the craziness of summer you might not be able to make it to the gym or stick with your long daily workouts. Yes, we do tend to move around more outside and exercise in different ways but It’s different from the gym. So, if you are looking for workout routines this summer then check out the ‘mini workouts’ below. These workouts require no equipment, making them easy to do anywhere. They can be done at home, at a hotel or anywhere!

You can do these workouts in order (day 1, day 2…) or mix and match them. For example, if you have been sitting in a car or plane all day then you might want to try the yoga workout to stretch your body out. And perhaps one day you might have more time, so that day you can do 2 workouts. See what works for you each day.

Before starting any exercise program make sure you are warmed up. You can march on the spot or go up and down the stairs and do some shoulder and arm rolls.

At the end of each workout (except the yoga program) make sure to stretch out all the major muscles of your body.


Day 1: Lower body

Jog on the spot


Alternating reverse lunges



Kick front with right leg – Squat – kick front with left leg – Squat


Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and cycle through the exercises 3 times. Rest for 60 seconds between each cycle.


Day 2: Core

Basic crunch

Reverse crunch





Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and cycle through the exercises 3 times. Rest for 60 seconds between each cycle.


Day 3: Cardio

Jog on the spot

Jumping jacks

High knees

Jump squats

Alternating lunges


Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, resting 15 seconds between each exercise. Repeat through the cycle 3 times through. Rest for 60 seconds between each cycle.

Anywhere workout

Day 4: Full-body rounds

Round 1

12 push-ups

30 seconds jog

12 chair triceps dips


Round 2

30 seconds wall-sit

12 jump squats

12 reverse lunges (back foot on a step)


Round 3

30 seconds plank

25 bicycles

25 scissors


Complete each round 3 times and then move to the next round.


Day 5: Yoga

Forward bend


Upward dog

Pigeon (right knee forward)

Childs pose

Downward dog

Warrior 1 (right leg forward)

Chair pose


Repeat from the top with left leg forward. Hold each pose for 30 seconds or longer. Throughout the workout take deep breaths, inhale as your stomach comes out and exhale as your stomach goes in.

Anywhere workout 2


Day 6: Full-body circuit

25 alternating lunge jumps

25 calf raises (feet parallel)

25 butt kicks on all 4’s (each side)

25 push-ups

25 Russian twists

25 seconds side plank (each side)

25 Inner thigh: lying on your side (place your top leg behind your bottom leg with that foot flat on the     floor, now lift the bottom leg up and down). Repeat on the other leg.

25 Outer thigh: lying on your side (hips stacked one on top of the other, lift your top leg up and down).     Repeat on the other leg.

25 reverse crunch

25 single leg glute-bridge (each side)


Complete each of the exercises as stated above.


Day 7: Explore


Explore where you live or on your vacation spot (as long as it’s safe). Set your timer for 20 minutes and start walking outside. Alternate between walking at a comfortable pace and a brisk walk.