AR Rahman Recreates ‘Urvashi’ Again!

Academy-Award winning composer A R Rahman has recreated his iconic track “Urvashi Urvashi” with crowd-sourced lyrics.

The composer recently took to Twitter to crowd source the lyrics and what emerged was a new song with references to demonetization and US President-elect Donald Trump.

“The most beautiful thing about art is that it belongs to everyone and crowd sourcing is a great way to get newer audiences to connect,” Rahman said in a statement.

“It was a fabulous experience and what we’ve got is some interesting stuff filled with references to current events which is just as vibrant as the original one,” he said.

“Urvashi Urvashi” is a song from the 1994 Tamil film “Kadhalan”.

He is all set to perform the song entirely in Tamil – on Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged season six, on January 14.


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