Are you employable? 3-step guide on making that first impression

In my 15+ years’ experience in the employment and recruiting industry, I saw firsthand what it took to become employable. And it was almost always the attitude of the individual.

Employers hire people they can get along with. Someone that can fit in with the company culture and someone that has that right attitude to get things done.

Here are some key points on how-to leave a great impression: 

1) Leave the ‘bad’ stuff at the door. Before you go into an interview or meet a potential hiring manager, leave what is not necessary at the door. That means all your stresses, judgments and anxieties. Now we all have that stuff hanging around, but it can hold you back. Instead, walk in with an open heart and allow the employer to see the best part of you.

2) Walk in with confidence. This is easier said than done. I know it can be challenging given that most of us are nervous before the interview. A great way to boost your confidence is to say some affirmations before going in. Have reminders of those affirmations on your phone or set up a reward system where each time you do an interview, you treat yourself to something after. This will boost your morale and give you something to always look forward to.

3) Non-communication gestures. For most of your interview, you will be speaking about your skills, so keep the body language in check. Smile, give eye-contact and most importantly, be the best version of yourself.

The energy you bring into a space is critical to your overall success. Whether you are an entrepreneur or seeking employment, your attitude plays a big part in everything you do.

Happy hunting! 🙂