‘Assassin’s Creed’ Review

Action Scenes And Visual Effects Apart, It’s A Big Disappointment

Director: Justin Curzel

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons

What’s it about:

A convict named Callum Lynch (Fassbender) on death row gets ‘executed’ by lethal injection and passes out. When he wakes up, a woman named Sophia Rikkin (Cotillard) is watching over him and tells him that he has been rescued for a mission. The company she works for will plug him into a mission to tap into his consciousness so he can connect to the genetic memories of his ancestor, Aguilar de Nerha, who lived and killed for his brotherhood of assassins in Spain at the time of the invasion by the Knights Templar (13th century).

The object of everyone’s attention is the legendary Apple of Eden. And Sophia and her dad Alan (Jeremy Irons) and their company Abstergo are using advanced technology to find it, so they can take away free will and force the human race to do their bidding. Except, the theory is that only the descendants of the surviving assassins can tap into their ancestor’s memories. The project, called Animus, has been seeing mixed results and Callum seems to be the only one dealing with the situation well.

The more he learns, the more he is convinced of the Templar’s intentions. By and by, we learn of Abstergo’s intentions. And so does Sophia. Are they to be trusted?

What’s hot:

The action scenes and visual effects seem to leap off the vision of the video game it is adapted from. The casting is top-notch and reads like a who’s who of stars. Yes. That’s it.

What’s not:

The script is overwrought and the pacing is sluggish from the word go. It should have been an exciting ride, given that the game isn’t as boring. And while you can stare at the beefcake that is the Fass and the beauty that is Marion all you want and go a little ga-ga about the ‘leaps of faith’ Callum/Aguilar make, you have to admit this is a terribly boring project that could just as easily have had a different ending.

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