Autumn Home Makeover

Autumn is here. With the cool winds blowing and the leaves changing from bright green to vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges – it’s finally time to bring out the pinecones, pumpkins and leaves to give your home sweet home an autumn makeover. Here are 5 cozy ideas to warm up your home from the inside out!


Golden Leaves

A classy, elegant, yet simple piece – all you need are some of the dried fallen leaves from outside and gold spray paint. Cover the entire leaf in the spray paint (front and back) and let dry, before gently scattering them over a table top or even assemble the leaves into a wreath.


Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces  

Missing summer already? Why not combine the two seasons! Take a couple of mason jars and paint over them with acrylic paints –  colours such as orange, yellow, deep reds and browns, will give your room a warmer aesthetic. Feel free to fill up the jars with dry flowers and leaves. Finish up the jars by tying a piece of twine around the top of the jars with a beautiful bow.


Basket of Glowing Pinecones  

A beautiful porch accessory is our basket of glowing pinecones. It says it all in the name – find a basket, fill it up with assorted dry pinecones, and wrap a line of fairy lights (battery operated mini bulb string LED lights) throughout the basket and acorns to give it that warm, glow feel.


Floating Candles

There are dozens of candle table top ideas to quite literally warm up your home – why not decorate your home with a couple of floating candles? Clear jars, tall glasses, or glass cups are perfect for this craft. Fill the clear jar up with water and place a tealight candle inside to create a warm, classy table top. If you want to take it a step further, surround the jars with colourful leaves or even small berries to reflect and show the warm colours.


Mini Pumpkins

Of course we can’t forget pumpkins! Placing pumpkins outdoors, indoors, anywhere – they can help transform your home into a fall wonderland. Mini pumpkins make adorable centerpieces, easy to move around, and can be placed just about anywhere in your home. Carve out little faces in the pumpkins and place a tealight inside to make the cutest jack-o-lanterns! Or, if you’re feeling especially crafty – combine the mini pumpkin with another craft idea. Try spray painting the pumpkins gold or even carve out shallow vases and place flowers inside the pumpkin.


Get creative and have some fun with your fall decor!

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