Beauty Meets Consciousness in ALEX AND ANI Designs

ALEX AND ANI is the next big thing in fashion accessories. The Coastal Odyssey collection has everything you need and more to complete any summer look, sporting some of the most uniquely colourful and breathtaking pieces of jewelry you will find this season.

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What is more, ALEX AND ANI is one of those companies that is striving to make a difference and is a company that you can feel good supporting. First and foremost, all ALEX AND ANI products are crafted in carefully considered U.S. factories and are therefore sweat-shop free and the materials utilized are “sustainable and derived from eco-conscious processes.”

“We create meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to empower the light in you. We share a passion for the well-being of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths.”

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ALEX AND ANI embraces “the power of positive energy” as its core company belief. Not only is the jewelry produced in a way that is humanitarian, and economically and environmentally mindful, it also conveys through symbols and design, concepts of energy and meaning: “each design is positively intended to empower the wearer and reflect the unique qualities of the individual. Some pieces carry sentimental meaning; others are talismans of protection, power, or intention.” Ultimately, however, the wearer becomes the designer, in that you choose specific pieces to reflect your own ideologies.

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Finally, ALEX AND ANI is a Corporately Conscious company invested in a business model that takes into consideration “the wellbeing of the environment, the health of local and national economies, and the empowerment of customers.” And to top it all off, they believe on giving back: “we believe in the power of gratitude and giving.”

As part of their mission to spread positive energy through the world, ALEX AND ANI created CHARITY BY DESIGN and is involved in other outreach initiatives. CHARITY BY DESIGN channels resources “into the efforts of organizations that work to improve others’ quality of life.” The purpose behind CHARITY BY DESIGNS is to strengthen charitable organizations through amicable partnerships. CHARITY BY DESIGN “empowers a multitude of non-profit organizations on an international, national, and local level…from small foundations to national associations” and achieves this through in-store events, as well as through creating symbols and designs meant to raise awareness for specific causes. ALEX AND ANI is involved in philanthropy on a corporate level, but produces a platform for their consumers to also get involved with these charitable initiatives through their purchases.


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