Beauty Resolutions You Can Make (And Keep!) This Year  


Apply SPF to the backs of your hands daily

Wearing sunscreen, even on days when it’s cloudy helps prevent skin cancer, but dermatologists also agree that it is the best way to slow the visible signs of aging, including pesky lines and brown spots. Invest in a lightweight formula (SPF 30 or higher). After you smooth it onto your face, swipe some onto the backs of your hands so they look just as even and smooth as your face.

Edit your makeup stash

Makeup is pretty, so it’s easy to end up with a big ol’ pile of it at home. Go through your bag or cabinet and toss the colours you never wear or those items that have been in there for more than a year (unless it’s mascara or eyeliner—chuck those after three months). You’ll streamline your routine and buy yourself some precious time in the morning.

Wash your brushes and wipe down your compacts

While you’re paring down, clean your brushes and sponges, wipe out your makeup bag (a baby wipe works wonders), and wipe off your compacts. Wash brushes and sponges with baby shampoo or mild soap and warm water then lay them out to dry. This can help prevent breakouts, plus you’ll feel more organized as you’re getting ready.


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