Black Friday Survival Guide

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With the U.S. Thanksgiving around the corner, you probably noticed an influx of early Black Friday deals in your inbox. Many brands in Canada are offering the same or even better deals this Black Friday and if you think on your feet and follow a few of our tips, you can make the best of this day.

Make a list and check it twice

The best way to avoid overspending or spending on items you don’t really need, is to make a list. It can be a list of holiday gifts for family, friends, co-workers or for yourself.

Research, research, research
Search online for the best available deals so that you don’t end up purchasing items at the first store you visit. You can also look up Cyber Monday deals so that you can keep other purchases for your online shopping on Monday. Some deals remain the same over the weekend until Monday, so you could avoid shopping at those stores on Friday.

Dress comfortably
I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing comfortable shoes as you might be on your feet all day and you don’t want to cut your day short because of killer shoes.

Company You Keep
It’s always better to go with a friend or two as you might need a second opinion on that dress that looks bearable, but comes at an irresistible price deal. Been there, done that.

Snack On
If you’re going to be shopping for a few hours carry a bottle water and a few energy bars to keep you hydrated and full. After all a girls gotta shop and eat.

Watch out for early sales
There are some stores that start their Black Friday deals a few days earlier. If that’s the case go bananas. Every hour counts when it comes to snatching the best deals.

Good luck and happy shopping!