Budweiser Prohibition Brew

Is there anything better than cracking open a cold beer on a hot day? As one of the number one beers in North America, Budweiser is banking on it; they have just invested 6 million dollars in Budweiser Prohibition Brew.

The newest brand in the Budweiser family delivers a truly great-tasting lager for adults to enjoy at any time and any place. That’s right ANY place because Prohibition has no alcohol.

The company used “the latest de-alcoholization technology” to create the brew. It is made with the same ingredients as your regular Budweiser, but the new method gently heats the fermented beer and siphons away the alcohol.

Do consumers really want to drink a beer with no alcohol? Pregnant women, people who have to stay away from alcohol because of health reasons and drivers who are at their favourite sports match will love this new option. The taste is there without the buzz of alcohol!

Lower-alcohol beers are catching on internationally, with nonalcoholic beers growing at double the rate of the total beer market in terms of volume in the past five years. In 2013, A-B Inbev launched a non-alcoholic version of its Brahma brand in Brazil, a big seller there, and sales have grown quickly to more than seven times higher than in its first year.

Canadians have been chosen as the pioneers to sampling Budweiser Prohibition Brew. If you want to try it pick it up at Labatt’s Horton Street retail store, and soon to supermarkets, convenience stores, and even fast-food outlets.