Canadian Fashion Designer, Arti Gogna

Fierce, fashionable and fun are all characteristics of one of Canada’s most talented dress designers Arti Gogna whose inspiring career and creative personality we can’t help but follow (major fan alert)!

Born in the 80’s, Arti is still considered young on paper, but this millennial’s dedication to the fashion industry and drive for dominating the dress market, enables her to exude a business acumen beyond her years.

Catching our attention a few years ago, we’ve seen Arti continue to progress with an ever-growing fan-base. With the detail put into her unique pieces, we understand why when given the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with the Queen of England, Gunjan Mhapankar, winner of the Queens Young Leader Award 2016 wore an Arti Gogna design. Radiating beauty and oozing sophistication, Gunjan’s moment caught the attention of several photographers and is one Arti’s many, proud accomplishments.

So how did Arti’s journey into fashion begin?

Residing in her hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Arti’s passion for fashion started during childhood when she would sew creations for her Barbie dolls. While her first designs were for plastic, Barbie proportions, Arti takes pride in creating dresses that empower women of all shapes and sizes. With diverse dress styles to flatter sizes ranging from XXS – XXXL, Arti’s commitment to designing for real women is apparent throughout her creative photoshoots which highlight different body-types.

Designing for the past seven years, Arti started off as one of the youngest dress designers in the game. Openly discussing the challenges of running a business while ensuring she has time for her first love which is design, Arti has the thick skin required for what can be a harsh industry and the technical sewing skills to slash any critics.

Featured on Global News (Toronto and Montreal), the Montreal Times, Best Health Magazine and more, Arti continues to work away at building a fashion empire; from bridal dresses to everyday wear, she even launched a 3-month pop-up shop in 2016.

Looking forward to expanding into jumpsuits and adding a children’s collection (because what’s cuter than matching mommy and daughter dresses!?!), Arti continues to evolve. Regardless of how fast her business is growing, Arti remains committed to providing quality service to all her clientele – whether it be choosing one of the dresses from her signature collections (Arti’s current favorite is The Katie Gown) or making a customized piece, her goal is for every woman to feel comfortable, confident and sexy. With inspiration coming from a variety of life experiences including international travel Arti uses several fabrics and is open to exploring sustainable options.

We know what you’re wondering…. “How can I get an Arti Gogna design?” We’ve got you covered; dresses are available online at Not sure what kind of dress you need? No problem, browse Arti’s designs on Instagram @artigogna or better yet, book a free dress consultation and visit her showrooms in Montreal and/or Toronto.

With so much accomplished already, we know Arti Gogna will continue to slay the fashion industry and look forward to following her for years to come.