Canadians Embrace Local Brands


Not so long ago, we had to look beyond our borders for the best in food, fashion and beyond. But with the arrival, and subsequent success, of many homegrown Canadian brands, shopping habits have been shifting toward a local-loving economy fuelled by a social consciousness and sense of patriotic pride.

A recent survey by the Retail Council of Canada found that 89 per cent of consumers say that knowing where a product comes from and the story of its producer makes them more inclined to purchase the item. Aside from environmental benefits and the perception that locally made products are superior in quality, the main motivation cited was a desire to support local companies.

Drinking water

Drinking water

Take Flow, a naturally alkaline water sourced from a limestone aquifer in Ontario and packaged in a sustainable and eco-friendly Tetra Pak made mostly out of paperboard. According to a recent Mintel consumer report, more than 80 per cent of consumers are persuaded by waters that use plant-based packaging. For the eco-conscious Canadian, reducing our carbon footprint also means choosing a pre-packaged water brand based close to home, rather than one that’s required to fly halfway around the world.

In an increasingly globalized world, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to dining, dressing or doing just about anything, but with more selection come savvier consumers who are paying more attention to where their products come from. If a better alternative is available from their own backyard, people are going to get behind it.