Celebrating Three Years of Beauty and Breasts!

12 Photographers & 12 Breast Cancer Survivors team up with a host of Toronto’s top stylists, designers and make up artists for S|HE Thrives by after BREAST CANCER. A photoshoot to honour and celebrate breast cancer graduates.

On July 13th, 12 courageous women had a chance to be transformed, styled and photographed by Toronto’s top photographers.

svetlanazaicenco.she2015groupphoto3- For linaPhoto Images are selected and converted into a Coffee Back and Calendar to be unveiled at after BREAST CANCERs (ABC) Pink Diamond Gala, held in September 2016. Added NEW this year, sponsor, ArtWorld Fine Art Gallery will be hosting a photography exhibition showcasing the ambassadors photos with selected intimate ones revealing the scars of breast cancer. The photo exhibition will run for two weeks in October, during breast cancer awareness month.

after BREAST CANCER is a Canada wide charity dedicated to supporting and celebrating those affected by breast cancer.

Most people believe that surviving breast cancer treatment is the end of the battle, but in fact, it is the beginning of the healing journey. After treatment, breast cancer graduates face numerous physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Countless women struggle to re-establish themselves in the workforce, manage chronic health issues resulting from treatment, instate new healthy lifestyle habits, overcome depression, and become reacquainted with their new bodies.

marlenjames.she2015.image1 for lina“Out of 153 nominees, we carefully selected 12 women to be this year’s ABC’s ambassadors.  It’s a telling sign that sadly breast cancer is still on the rise. Life after breast cancer is to be celebrated, and all women deserve to feel beautiful and confident. Each ambassador is not a model, some have never stepped in front of a camera before.  S|HE Thrives is about celebrating life, inspiring others and giving them an experience they will remember forever. Photographers have 60 minutes to shoot and tell their photographic journey.  I thank all of our sponsors for their generous contributions and our primary sponsor SKECHERS Canada as these ladies will be walking in style”, founder Alicia Vianga, after BREAST CANCER Charity.

This year’s 12 ambassadors include Sandra Carusi, Susan Lunn, Svetlana Dvoretskaia, Eva Karpati, Donna Toulmin, Posy Bowerman, Lucy Santoro, Glennie Hepkin, Olga Lambert, Connie Malonda, Amanda Gingrich and Laurel Shaw.

For more information about S|HE Thrives, after BREAST CANCER and Pink Diamond Gala, visit

Website: www.afterbreastcancer.ca

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