Cover Your Dark Circles With This One Trick!

Dark circles can be the most frustrating part of your makeup routine – covering them is not as easy as some makeup artists and beauty bloggers make it look, especially for those with very pigmented skin tones, such as most South Asian skin types. I wish I was able to highlight my under eye with some concealer and call it a day. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do anything to cover my dark circles.

  1. Try this tip to help hide your dark circles – whether they are very dark or just slightly, this may help to reduce the appearance.Use a salmon, peach, or orange colour corrector or concealer under your eyes on the dark circle area. Depending on your skin tone, how dark your circles are, and how much coverage you want. You may need to try out each of these correctors to achieve the exact look you want. Personally, I like to use an orange concealer corrector. There are many high-end brands that carry correctors. You can even use lipsticks. However, the brand NYX has an affordable orange concealer, Above & Beyond FULL Coverage Concealer. Covering the dark areas under your eyes until it’s no longer visible is the first step of this process. You can use a brush or your ring finger to apply the product and pat it out a bit, just don’t blend it so it’s not visible. You want it to still be visible covering the dark shadows.1
  2. Apply your favourite concealer on top of the orange corrector and blend it so that it’s covering the corrector. You should see that the dark circle shadows have disappeared.
  3. OPTIONAL – sometimes for that extra boost of brightness, I like to apply a lighter concealer or highlighter under my eyes to brighten things up even more. Blending is key, but don’t blend out too much and ruin all of your hard work! Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment, or LA Girl Pro Conceal in the yellow corrector shade have both worked great for me in terms of brightening. For a more higher end option, there is Yves St. Laurent’s Touche Éclat- Radiant Touch2 8 3
  4. Apply a powder on top of your concealing and correcting to lock it in place. You can use a brightening powder such as Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder or a setting powder such as Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, or a coloured powder such as Ben Nye’s Banana Powder, or MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation67
  5. Voilà! Your dark circles are gone. It may take you a couple or tries to perfect this technique in order to flawlessly cover your dark circles and achieve your desired look. Remember, aside from makeup, skin care and your diet are extremely important. If you can eliminate or at least reduce the dark circles by taking care of your skin, eating healthier, and taking care of any health issues, you’ll be thanking yourself in the end.