Does Watching A Couple Indulge In PDA Irritate You?

Karan Johar voiced what he believed was a single’s perspective but does everyone feel the same way? We quizzed a few on the opposite side of coupledom and here’s what they had to say

Public Display of Affection aka PDA gets different reactions. While some see it as a natural expression of love and intimacy, there are many who are uncomfortable with it for various reasons. In fact, director Karan Johar even pointed out to actor Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput how PDA can be the most irritating thing for a single person to watch on his talkshow Koffee With Karan. A perspective that some agree with it but only when things get out of hand. Here’s what singles said.

‘Does not bother me but makes me miss intimacy’

Suzanne Judith Moses, A document controller

Personally, I don’t really mind PDA. It doesn’t annoy or irritate me as such, but it does make me miss intimacy. Simple things like holding hands. Sneaking kisses. It makes me smile and at the same time, long for it for myself. Of course, full blown PDA makes me uncomfortable but the smaller kind is very cute to watch.

‘PDA definitely reminds one of their single status’

Divyanshu Srivastav, Associate producer with an entertainment channel

Yes, it is irritating when you are strolling alone in the gardens or at Marine Drive and you see couples indulged in PDA. It’s like you are the only one who will die single. And then just to console myself I come up with a million benefits of being happily single. No night-owling. No over-thinking your looks. And all the time in the universe to do everything but dating.

‘PDA is completely natural’

Dhruvi Shah, Writer/ blogger

I think it’s completely natural as it happens across the world. However, having said that, in a city like ours which is extremely crowded, sections of society like kids and senior citizens who are not exposed to it may feel uncomfortable. Holding hands or a peck on the cheek is okay but if you are all over your partner, that’s going too far.

‘Don’t like PDA? Look away’

Sanjana Ray, Content writer

I personally have no problems with couples indulging in PDA. My current group of friends has a bunch of couples and of course, they’ll get close, say when we go clubbing or even if we’re all hanging out in someone’s house. But while many are averse or a bit uncomfortable around it, I don’t see why because I’ve grown up around couples and they’re in their right to demonstrate their affection for one another. If someone has any issue with that, well they’re always free to look away.

‘A slight peck on the cheek or a quick hug is always welcome’

Charu Chowdhary, a content writer

It depends on the situation and how much PDA a couple is indulging in. I am not averse to it, as it makes me feel good. A slight peck on the cheek or a quick hug are gestures that are always welcome and nice to see, but when things go overboard, if they are smothering each other with kisses and all, the couple in question should get a room.

‘Romance demands you express affection and PDA is one way of doing that’

Srinath Kashyap, pursuing his Masters in journalism

I don’t find couples indulging in PDA irritating or annoying as romance demands you express affection that way. I too have done it in the past and so I am totally cool with it.

Source: DNA India