Dress Smarter For The Canadian Winter

As Canadians, we may be used to surviving the coldest winters, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it. Fortunately, dressing in the right winter gear can make all the difference, keeping you warm outdoors and cozy inside.

  1. Base layer. Begin with a layer that wicks away moisture to help keep you dry. Ideally, this layer should have long sleeves and be machine washable. Make sure your base layer is comfortable as it will be in contact with your skin the longest. The Birdseye Heather Henley from Mark’s is perfect for cooler days out on the ski hill and doubles as everyday casual wear. 
  1. Mid layer. Think of this layer as the unsung hero of keeping you warm. Although it’s lightweight, it works well under a coat. Look for a layer that has zippered pockets at the front to keep your essentials secure. Try the Free Country Crossover Hybrid Jacket from Mark’s.
  1. Outer layer. This is your shell. Protect yourself from the elements by making sure your jacket is water repellent and windproof yet breathable. There are many outerwear options that are on-trend and still offer the practicality of a hood, elasticized sleeve cuffs, and functional-sized zippered pockets.
  1. Boots. Invest in a quality pair of winter boots — the ones available now have come a long way from those clunkers you struggled with as a kid. It’s a good idea to find a pair with an insulated liner that’s comfort-rated for at least -40°C. It’s also essential that your boots be waterproof to keep the slush and snow away from your socks.


Courtesy of: www.newscanada.com