Dress Up Your Summer Soiree with DIY

Summer: the days get longer, the clothes get shorter and the energy to socialize seems to naturally heighten. Invites start to pour in for BBQ’s, rooftop cocktails and pool parties. Hosting can get costly and with food and drinks generally taking first priority for party budgets, that leaves less (if any) money to play with in terms of décor. The importance of ambience however should never be underrated – with so many outings over the summer, its attention to the little details that can help set your party apart. Simple, elements infused into your décor can change your party feel from common get-together to unique, memorable Summer Soiree.

How can you create a high-end look on a low-budget? Take a Do-It-Yourself approach to your décor!

With tons of DIY social media forms including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. it’s easy to get so overwhelmed by design choices that you give up entirely. DIY décor often looks charming and is described as easy to accomplish but the reality for those who have not yet perfected the art of the glue-gun is that DIY can easily turn into a frustrating experience.

In the spirit of hosting a Summer Soiree that is both beautiful on the eyes and simple to deliver, we picked the brain of Bhavisha Dayal, Co-Founder of Simply Beautiful, a Toronto-based company that specializes in custom, hand-made event accessories, gifts and decor to share some expert tips on easy, DIY practices. Choosing from Bhavisha’s wealth of creative knowledge and suggestions wasn’t easy but we’ve selected three cost-effective DIY practices to give your Summer Soiree some Simply Beautiful swag:

Tip #1: Ditch the standard glassware and serve your guests beverages in trendy mason jars. Durable and adorable, jars are great for the wear and tear that can come with outdoor events. No lady likes ruining her summer soiree- mason jarlipstick – slip straws into your jars to jazz them up and help your guests protect their lip look! Keep your jars to reuse for a future soiree – changing the straw colour/design is an easy, affordable way to recycle your DIY décor!

Tip #2: No summer soiree is complete without a cooler of cold beverages. Add an element of playful fun by replacing standard ice cubes with water balloons to keep your drinks chilled. Fill the balloons with about ¼ of water and freeze overnight. Put the balloons in a big container or cooler and watch your guests smile with nostalgic memories of childhood every time they reach for a beverage.

Tip #3: In the spirit of keeping things cool when it comes to beverages, add a fresh summer look to your summer soiree- ice cubessoiree with simple, floral-infused ice cubes. Freeze some tiny flower buds in ice-cube trays and use the decorative ice to dress up your champagne and/or wine buckets.

For more inspiration on DIY, follow Simply Beautiful on Instagram @simplybeautifulinc