Explore Canada For its 150th


With Canada’s 150th birthday fast approaching, there is lots happening to remind us how incredible our country is and how lucky we are to be Canadian. This patriotism has lead the inspiration for Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), who have invited Canadians to share their favourite travel destinations from coast-to-coast to create the ultimate list of Canada’s top 150 Hidden Gems.

 Whether you’re a nature lover who wants to visit the West Coast, an urbanite searching for adventures in the big city, or a lover of all things East Coast – check out these five hidden gems IHG has curated that will have you asking why you waited so long. Don’t worry about accommodation – all of these travel hot spots are within 45 minutes of an IHG hotel property!


Garry Point – British Columbia

Filled with fishing boats, this tranquil spot is perfect for exploring with your kids or while taking the family dog on a walk. It’s a gorgeous view of the ocean, too.

Moraine Lake – Alberta

A glacially fed lake situated in the Valley of Ten Peaks, this breathtaking view is not to be missed. Move over Lake Louise, there’s a new picturesque lake-to mountain skyline in town!

Allan Gardens – Ontario

One of the oldest parks in Toronto, this spot highlights the “hidden” aspect, as it’s tucked away in the heart of the city. With a conservatory, playground and two fenced off-leash areas, this gem makes for a full-day of family fun.

Mackenzie King Estate – Quebec

A Canadian legacy, this country estate belonged to Canada’s 10th, and longest-serving prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King. It forms part of Gatineau Park – a perfect mix of an outdoor adventure with a history lesson.

Heart-Shaped Pond – Nova Scotia

This popular spot in Hemlock Ravine Park was created by Prince Edward, shortly after he arrived in Halifax, to commemorate the time his grandfather spent with his mistress. Explore this historically romantic, yet scandalous, spot hand-in-hand with a loved one!


From Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between, Canada is full of scenic strolls, breathtaking bike rides, so be sure to check out IHG’s List of 150 Hidden Gems on their website.


SOURCE: Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)