Fall Weather Increases Carbon Monoxide Concerns

You may know that carbon monoxide (CO) is called the silent killer because humans cannot see, smell or taste it. But do you know who is most susceptible to this deadly gas? Find out the truth about this and other carbon dioxide myths, busted by Kidde Canada, a leading carbon monoxide alarm manufacturer.

Myth: Carbon monoxide is heavier than air. So that dictates that all CO alarms must be installed low to the ground in wall plug outlets.

Fact: CO and air are almost the same density, so they mix. CO alarms can be installed high or low, and even as part of a combination smoke/CO alarm on the ceiling.

Myth: CO alarms should be installed in furnace rooms or near other sources of the gas.

Fact: CO alarms must be located near bedrooms so you can hear them when sleeping.

Myth: CO alarms last forever and never need to be replaced. Especially the ones that are hardwired into a home’s electrical system.

Fact: Replace any CO alarm made before 2009, whether hardwired, battery powered or plug-in. Ensure hardwired and plug-in CO alarms have battery backup in case of a power outage.

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Courtesy of: www.newscanada.com