Fashion for all Women

Every woman deserves to look and feel good about herself. How many times have you heard yourself or someone you know say, “I’ll start dressing up if I lose 5, 10, 20, and 30…pounds”. Or say, “I would wear that only if it was in my size or if I lost a bit of fat from my stomach or thighs”. Most of us are guilty of this, at some point we have all said something along these lines, even though other people might think that we look great just the way we are. In reality we are way too hard on ourselves and to some extent the media plays a huge role in this too. We are constantly seeing air brushed thin models on billboards, magazines and TV. So of course we feel like we have to look like photo-finished people.

At some point we have to realize that this is the wrong way to think and the wrong attitude to have. We as women have to understand that we are all unique and come in all shapes and sizes. That is what makes this world so interesting. No matter what size we are, dressing up and looking the best is something we all should do. No matter what body type, dressing up gives us a certain confidence that we all deserve. If we look good we hold our head up high and feel like conquering the world.

Melissa McCarthy 2Melissa McCarthy, the actress from Bridesmaids, Spy and Heat, just to name a few shares this view. Melissa McCarthy has started her own line of clothing called Seven7. From her humble beginnings as an actress, comedian, writer, producer and now, she is a critically acclaimed successful fashion designer that believes that not all women come in one size.

melissa-mccarthy 4As an actress she is lucky to work in a world that includes costume designers and amazing tailors. People would ask her where she bought one of her great outfits and she would say she had it made. She knew people were disappointed with the answer. So when she had the opportunity to design a clothing line she jumped all over it. Melissa McCarthy Seven7 clothes range anywhere from size 4 right through to size 28, and her vision is to build a better closet for herself and other women. She wants women to enjoy getting dressed every day and feel good about themselves.


Melissa McCarthy 3Her clothing line can be described as being trendy, elegant, classy and unique for every occasion and – every woman! Melissa McCarthy’s pieces can be mixed and matched and layered for all seasons. So stop waiting around to be the “right size”, which does not exist and dress to impress everyday starting now. Check out Melissa McCarthy’s website: