Fashion: More than just clothes, shoes and make-up

It’s the time of year that we all are a bit sad about summer’s end. Spending time with my 12 year old niece brightened me up as she started talking to me about Fashion. It was inspiring to hear her perspective about fashion being “more than just about make-up, beauty, clothes and jewellery.

It’s about appreciating yourself enough to wear the kind of clothes you like.” Nostalgia hit and I remembered how I felt on the verge of being a teenager, on the way to adulthood. The excitement of the unknown, the vastness of the universe, everything was new! How empowering. I asked Erica to tell me how she sees fashion and its effect on her image, confidence and of course, girl power!

Breathe-taking and empowering:

Fashion is a whole new world of trends and styles on its own. It’s also the most confusing thing for me right now though (even more than math)! From colours and new looks to makeup that ties it together, fashion is a fresh new world. It’s like when Alice stumbled into Wonderland, I couldn’t feel happier and more lost. I don’t know where I fit in fashion or what style works for me but I think that’s also the beauty of it. An adventure that seems overwhelming at first but when you come to the style that really screams your name it is probably the best feeling you’ll ever have.

Embracing vs. Impressing:

A rule that I think everyone should have is to embrace over impress. Why? It’s supposed to be you showing the world your own style, no matter how crazy it sounds! You shouldn’t need to impress anyone with your clothes to fit in. That’s like hiding under a mask not letting people see the real you. It’s better to have people liking YOU rather than your clothes and style. Being beautiful is to be yourself you need to accept yourself before anyone else.


If I were to see a person with bright neon colours or in all black, I would instantly look up to that person because they are confident. Happiness comes before anything else. The world will always be judgemental, it’s a cruel fact. That shouldn’t stop anyone from being themselves. Besides everyone else is take be you!

A Whole New World:

No matter who you are and what you do style is something that will be there. For most tweens like me, finding yourself is hard. You don’t know what’ll look good on you or what makes you comfortable. Its things like that make me wonder; can I really do this? Many people have told me, as you get older it becomes clearer. You’ll start to figure yourself out more and before you know it you will be no one else other than you.

Own it:

Fashion talks without having to use words. It also looks better when you feel good inside of it. You have your own unique style nothing should hold you back from showing it. The world is your runway. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always be you so what are you waiting for? Show the world who you are! Your style should speak without words, believe in yourself, and own your look.

Erica has inspired me. Understanding the world from a girl’s perspective is a reminder that being creative and confident is all about being you. Fashion is a connection to expression and fun. New trends, vibrant colours, fresh styles… I just booked a shopping date with my BFF to embrace this feeling and own it!