Find your style HARMONY and feel ALIVE

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who had a natural glow? There is an infectious energy that accompanies someone who feels good in his or her own skin that cannot be ignored.

I wanted to feel that confidence.

Woman clutching her clothes in bedroomMy mission was to have a closet full of clothes that I could grab and wear without too much thought. I wanted to have outfits in my wardrobe that would work together, and with my body shape, so I could easily mix and match all the pieces.

I decided I needed a little help to figure out the solution to this problem. After some research I turned to celebrated image consultant Carol Brailey Style Harmony 2( and true to her reputation she taught me a few easy to follow steps that changed the way I thought about style and beauty.

I arranged to meet Carol in her beautiful Yorkville location, Studio Fontana. Meeting someone who is going to discuss your body image can be intimidating but as soon as I was introduced to Carol she was so warm and inviting that I felt instantly at ease.

Carol began by asking questions about what sorts of styles made me feel good, and which ones made me feel out of sorts. Shortly thereafter came the a-ha moment- she explained that the difference comes down to outfits that are in harmony with your body and those that are not. I became fascinated with the concept of dressing for your harmony, as I had never heard fashion described like that before. I wanted to know everything about it.

style harmony 1Carol went on to explain that dressing for your harmony is all about your ying and yang energy. She said, “you find your ying yang energy by analyzing and working with your natural lines and curves. If you match your style to your energy, and natural lines, the world will see YOU. What will get noticed first are your eyes, your face and your inner beauty will shine through”.

Her golden rule for dressing for your harmony is taking the time to discover what your natural energy is, and then simply following it. This means finding lines and cuts, such as lengths and pattern size, as well as colors, jewelry and shoes that work with your natural body type. Finding and working with your natural energy will not only leave you looking your best but will also attract positivity and excitement into your life.

Walk in wardrobe in Australian masnsion

Walk in wardrobe in Australian masnsion

As Carol and I worked our way through my closet I was able to clear out the pieces that were working against my natural energy and was left with a collection of clothes that made me feel wonderful and stylish.

I asked Carol what is the best part about helping her clients and she said the best part is being able to show clients how they can really come alive.

Once you tap into your personal harmony you will start to dress for your authentic self which means the environment around you will respond with authenticity and positive. Your authentic self will offer so much more than wearing something trendy ever could. Carol’s consulting services also include personal shopping and closet audits which are a great way to put your best foot forward and make 2016 your best year yet.

After meeting Carol it became clear that finding the right style is so important to feeling your most confident. Dressing to compliment your authentic self will change the way the world sees you and the way you carry yourself. Once you ignite your own spark there will be no stopping you!