Freshen Up Your Home With Spring Décor 

Renovate Your Home With New Spring Décor Ideas

Trade in those cool blue and gray hues for warmer yellows and a pastel colour palette to get into that spring time groove! Spring is the season of change – why not embrace it with open arms? Here are some of our spring décor ideas to help you refresh your home.

Spring Hoop Wreaths

A simple DIY craft, each wreath is completely different. You will need a hoop-steel ring or embroidery hoop (easy to find at any arts and crafts store), fake greenery and flowers, twine/floral wires, wire cutters, and string/ribbons. The flower and greenery arrangement is completely up to you.

First, add the greenery to the wreath by wrapping the twine/floral wires around the leaves and the wreath. Next, cut the flower stems with the wire cutters, however, allow for extra room at the ends to attach to the hoop wreath. Many of these wreaths are minimalistic in design, so that only ¾ of the hoop wreath is actually empty. Attach a string/ribbon to the top of the wreath to hang it on your walls or front door.

Spring Planter Boxes

This craft will require a wood planter box, mason jars, paint (try chalk-finish paint for an extra detail), and fake flowers.

To begin, paint the mason jars three different solid colours until they are no longer transparent – this may require 2-3 coats. Next, paint the wood planter box and allow to dry. Feel free to decorate the box as you seem fit! The last step is to add as many flowers and leaves as you wish into the mason jars before placing the jars in the box.

Wall Art – Cherry Blossom Clock

A beautiful way to refresh your home décor is to swap out some of your wall décor. On a budget? Why not try creating your own paintings? This painting doubles up as a clock – all you need is a canvas, several cotton swabs (Q-Tips), elastic band, pink, green, and brown coloured paint, and battery powered clock hands (you can find this at your nearest Dollar store).

Paint on the canvas a few thin branches coming from the left side of the canvas. Make sure you space these out. Then, take around 7 cotton swabs and tie an elastic band around them, grouping them together to create your paintbrush. Dip your cotton swab brush into the pink paint and dab them gently around the branches and all over your canvas. Make sure to keep one section clean (no branches or blossoms), so that you can add your clock hands to the canvas to create the clock. Enjoy!


A spring craft staple for the backyard is the classic birdhouse. Some of our tips for  a beautiful spring themed birdhouse is to use pastel colours (yellow, pink, violet, light blue, green, and white), incorporate flower and leaf designs, and tons of patterns. Keep it simple and fresh – don’t pack on too much of the paint! Simplicity is key!

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