Friday Nights at the ROM

Get out and find out what the ROM has to offer on Friday nights.

Friday nights are always a quarry; with each one of your friends wanting to do something different. I don’t know about you but my 20-something friends are somewhere between being too old for the clubbing scene and still wanting to socialize in large groups. We’re searching for something different, away from the norm of everyday life. Most nights we resort to hanging out on the couch with our tight knit circle. Is tonight for unwinding with pizza and best friends or one for the cocktail dresses? The ROM has the answer to suit all our moods.

The Royal Ontario Museum hosts Friday Night Live, a night where the museum comes alive, every Friday between 7pm and 11pm through the summer. Guests are invited to an evening curated with history, art, culture, food and festivities all packed into one collaborated reception. Each floor functions as a different atmosphere. DJs and live music in different genres and from different parts of the world, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Museum exhibits are also open for viewing.

As an attendee of the first event this summer (and my first one ever!), I was greeted by a diverse and welcoming crowd, the friendliest coat check man, and the ROM’s very own Futalognksaurus. The DJ at the time was playing some early 2000s hip hop and people were grooving, it was a great start. My girlfriends and I grabbed a plate of nachos and started mapping out our night. There’s just so much to see.

We walked around the museum for a while, sipped on cocktails and participated in some interactive exhibits. What I really loved was the diverse atmosphere, not just in race or ethnicity but in styles and genres. The event was rich and the program was inclusive. The Peroni lounge showcased a Euro-trance vibe and a dance floor while another floor had live Jazz performers to accompany the historic exhibits. There was even a South Asian inspired corner by Zista Arts, offering henna services, live Desi music from local Torontonian artists, and a story-telling Kathak dance by students from the Chhandam Dance Company Toronto. My absolute favourite from this floor was the fusion music that featured the sounds of Tabla paired with electronic beats. We had to stop and admire the architecture of the building in between exhibits, take mandatory selfies and snapchat the ambience to our other friends. Our last stop for the night included playing with different retro filters to create a unique background for our group photo!

The only downside was the limited time in which we had to cover so much ground as the event runs only until 11, and it was a little overwhelming trying to find the right elevators and fit everything we wanted to see in the time frame. Luckily, the event runs every Friday, throughout the summer, so there is always a second, third, and a fourth chance.

The night, overall, was an easy A. The event was impeccably planned and executed, catering well to the multicultural crowd of the city. I would highly recommend taking a look at the program upon arrival and creating an itinerary for the evening. Another personal recommendation is to wear flats or comfortable shoes because even the walks between elevators of this historic landmark weren’t ideal for my Steve Madden stilettos.

Whether you largely enjoy museum trips or opt for a more live and entertaining experience, you won’t be disappointed by what the museum has to offer for your Friday night. In the age of Netflix and Chill, date nights could also use an alternative between a social setting and the right amount of intimacy. Friday Night Live at the ROM is the perfect juxtaposition between a low key Friday night affair and an enriching social experience. Plus there are couches through the museum if you want to snuggle up with your boo for a little while. Do you really need any more convincing?

Tickets are a mere $17 per person for non-members of the ROM, with student and senior discounts available.