Fruits and Vegetables Every Day

For better health add more fruits and vegetables.

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Most of us know that eating more produce will help us avoid cancer and heart disease, but eating at least five daily servings of fresh fruits and veggies can seem like a challenge.


The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project is the country’s largest health research platform. Through ongoing questionnaires, the project is studying the dietary and lifestyle habits of more than 300,000 Canadians. Fewer than half of participants achieved the daily fruit and vegetable target.


If you’re trying to up your produce intake, check out these simple tips for increasing your daily fibre, vitamins and minerals:

  1. Eat at least one dark green vegetable (such as broccoli, green beans or spinach) each day.
  1. When fresh vegetables and fruit are not in season, choose frozen or canned options that are low in sodium, fat and added sugar.
  1. Choose to eat vegetables and fruit more often than juice.
  1. Add berries and other fruit to whole grain cereal or yogurt.
  1. Cook omelets and frittatas with vegetables like peppers, mushrooms and broccoli.
  1. Bake kale or thinly sliced zucchini as a substitute for potato chips.
  1. Try spiralized vegetables like zucchini and sweet potatoes instead of pasta noodles.
  1. Add fruits and leafy greens to smoothies.
  1. Swap applesauce for oil when baking.
  1. Mash cauliflower instead of potatoes as a veggie side dish.
  1. Mix a variety of vegetables into soups and other one-pot meals.
  1. Ask for a side of vegetables instead of bread or fries at a restaurant.
  1. Try one new fruit or vegetable each week, or a recipe that uses these items in a new way.

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