Get Into The Groove With A Retro Activity

There are always going to be new pastimes and activities to try. Imagine thirty or forty years ago, few of us would have contemplated the idea of sports such as zorbing or bungee-jumping. However, while new hobbies are always being dreamt up, there’s also always a swing back to the familiar activities from the past; the ones that fill you with a sense of nostalgia as you take them up again. Perhaps you’re remembering fun times from your teenage years, or perhaps now you begin to appreciate something that you used to watch your parents and grandparents enjoy doing. At the time, you might have thought ‘what’s the appeal in doing that?’ but a couple of decades down the line, when those activities come back into fashion, you can appreciate them in a way you couldn’t when you were young.

Retro activities are all around us, and there is always a new old favourite coming back into fashion. And while some of them may have that retro feel for one generation, for the younger generation, these are new and exciting activities. Take a look at the activities below – maybe you’ll spot something that you’ve been doing that is retro without even realizing it.

The Glamour of Ballroom DancingballroomDancingA few years ago, the idea of getting dressed up to do proper ballroom dancing would not have had mass appeal – it was very much a niche hobby. However, thanks to the success of shows such as Dancing with the Stars, where we get to witness the amazing progress of celebs from being absolutely rubbish dancers with no sense of rhythm to confident masters and mistresses of dances. Which include paso doble, tango, waltz, quickstep and rumba, ballroom dancing is definitely in vogue.

bdWatching celebs take to the dance floor has had a knock-on effect into the public domain. We may not be televised while we’re doing it, but ballroom dancing has become a hugely popular pastime. And while we learn the moves, we also get to bathe in a bit of glamour with the outfits that go with it. For anyone who feels they have two left feet, there is no need to sit like a wallflower in the corner – get on the internet and do a search for dancing lessons in your local area.

The Thrill of Playing CasinoCasino_Games_CollageOf all the decades one associates with the world of casino gaming, it’s probably the seventies that stand out the most. This is when land-based casinos probably reached their peak – it was where people went for a glamorous night out, dressed up to the nines, drank fabulous cocktails as they placed their bets. Today, casino gaming has gone through its own renaissance, with far more people choosing to play at online casino at sites such as 32red, Royal Vegas and Ruby Fortune than actually making a trip to a land-based casino.

78434591Most people start out playing the straightforward fun games such as slots, where there are no decisions to be made on how to play; the only choice you need to make is which game and how much to bet. There are over 300 32Red slots with a huge range of themes – from simple fruit machine styles through to those games linked to film and TV, bringing a retro activity bang up to date. Examples include Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park – both of which feature characters and symbols you’ll recognise instantly. As well as slots, there are plenty of other casino games to experiment with – including roulette, blackjack or craps – all of which are available on the same sites. Most people play casino games to experience the thrill of playing for real money, but if you don’t want to risk anything on a game you’re not familiar with, there is always the option to play in ‘free play’ mode first.

Although the majority of people playing casino games today do so online, there are still some pretty fancy casino establishments in big cities where you can enjoy a retro night out. Also, casino nights are often organized as fundraisers for charities. With people dressing up in black tie and playing with paper money to raise money for a good cause, so it’s not just online that this retro activity has made a comeback.

 Revival of Home-Making Hobbiespottery_8Bee-keeping and pottery are hobbies and pastimes that were big in the 1970s and are now enjoying a big comeback in recent years. Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that we can get the products of all these activities so cheaply and easily today that make us want to go back to basics and produce something ourselves at home.

Bee-keeping on a cottage industry level is something that’s really taken off in the last few years. Part of the impetus here has been to help the dwindling bee population that was at threat because of modern agriculture methods and the huge amount of pesticides used therein. What could be better than a pastime that not only provides you with your own honey, but also helps protect a species at the same time?

dsc01874Pottery’s another retro hobby that more and more people are taking up. You can get all the equipment and materials you need online and simply have a go at home. Ideally, you’ll have a bit of space in a shed, as it can be a messy business! Many people have gone on to take their retro hobby to the next stage and start selling their creations online at sites such as Etsy – which only serves to inspire even more people to do the same. Deep down, everyone loves to tap into their creativity, so it’s no wonder that these types of home-making hobbies are enjoying a revival.

Maybe now’s a good time for you to pick up a new retro pastime – as part of a fresh start for 2016.