Get Ready for Summer with These Fat Burning Exercises

Fat Burning Exercises For Your Summer Body

With summer well on the way, it is time to start getting our bodies ready for sunshine and beaches. The thought of attempting to shed excess weight that has built up during the cold months can be daunting and will not be easy to do. Here are some of our favourite exercises to help burn fat and be beach ready by June.

Jumping rope

If you’re new to the gym, it can feel intimidating to see other people using the machines with absolute confidence. However, one of the most basic items you can find there is actually great for burning off fat – a jump rope. Rope jumping exercises your entire body, and it is best to start with two-minute bursts of speed skipping, arms as still as possible at each side while rotating the wrists to move the rope. Just jump as high as needed to get over it and come down on the balls of the feet.


This is an exercise prospect that many dread and while burpees are hard work; they are amazing for getting rid of fat. Lower your body into a squatting position and put your hands on the floor straight in front, push back your legs to the ‘plank’ position and then back into the squatting one. Next jump as high as possible before returning to squatting position. Those are the basic moves and a routine of this will tone your core, upper body and legs.

High Intensity Interval Training

This is a good option to try if you have a busy work schedule but still want to get rid of that fat. High Intensity Interval Training – often known as HIIT – means doing an exercise like fast-paced running for several minutes before taking similar length breaks to recover. The type of exercise you do is up to you and it can be a very effective way to burn off unwanted calories. This option can be tough on your body.

Moderate intensity workout

Although high intensity exercising is very efficient at burning fat, it can also lead to injuries and/or burnout. Moderate intensity exercising, like taking a brisk walk, can be just as good for burning off fat. It also carries far fewer health risks and gives you more choice about the type of exercise you do. If the weather is nice, going for a walk can be more enjoyable than sweating in the gym – but if you prefer to be indoors, a workout on the cardio machines lasting half an hour to 45 minutes can be just as effective.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned exerciser who prefers to push your body to the limits, or someone who just wants a way of shedding some pounds before hitting the beach on your summer holiday, there is an exercise made for you that will have you looking the most confident in your body this summer.

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