Get Ready for TIFF 2015 with Revlon and CND

It’s that time of year in Toronto when you just might get a chance to see your favourite celebrity right in front of you – that’s right, TIFF 2015 has begun. I had the pleasure of meeting with Revlon Pro Canada Artists and CND Artists to undergo first hand experience of what it’s like to “get ready” for TIFF. The experience was phenomenal, to say the least, and I was so impressed with the new products and tips I uncovered. Of course, how could I not share them?



Byblos Restaurant in Toronto


The event took place at a nice restaurant in Toronto, called Byblos. After being warmly welcomed by the Revlon team, my sister and I had the pleasure of getting our hair styled by Revlon Pro Canada Artists. My stylist, Sarah, went for a soft, beachy wave look. My sister’s stylist, Tim, opted for bouncy curls and a smooth blow dry.

Get the look – Beachy Waves


Sarah was so sweet and shared a bunch of tips with me on how to achieve some nice waves. She also shared what she was doing, step-by-step with some great Revlon products.

First, Sarah started off by parting my hair. I usually part my hair to the side, and we decided it looked best like that. After clipping my hair into sections, she spun my hair around the curling wand and let the waves heat up a bit. After finishing waving some of my hair, Sarah lightly sprayed some of the Revlon Style Masters Medium Hold Hairspray, which allowed for the waves to be to stable – yet still have some flexibility, in order to move them around and continue styling. Usually when I curl or wave my hair, I only use one hairspray. I had no idea that, that style actually lasts longer when you work with a medium hold hairspray, and finish off with a strong hold hairspray.


Afterwards, Sarah sprayed some of the Revlon Style Masters Volume Elevator Spray to my roots, which allowed for some more volume, without even needing to tease the hair.


Once the look was completed, she sprayed some of the Revlon Style Masters Creator Memory Spray into her hands, and gently worked it into my hair – which added some more texture.


The look was completed and set with a strong hold hairspray, which I found out is also used on some photo shoots! It’s pretty cool to know you’re using some of the same products that celebrities can get their hands on. Sarah used the Revlon Style Masters Hairspray Photo Finisher, and sprayed this lightly, all over my hair.


Get the look – Bouncy Curls and a Smooth Blow Dry


Tim, the Revlon Pro Canada Stylist who styled my sister’s hair created this gorgeous blow out with some bouncy curls, using Revlon products.

He started off by adding in a small amount of the Revlon Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment. This tamed any frizz in her hair, allowing for the blow dry to turn out soft and smooth. The great thing about this product is that unlike most frizz tamers, it doesn’t weigh the hair down. It also added a nice shine to the hair.


After blow-drying the hair, Tim added in some curls and used the Revlon Style Masters medium hold hairspray, which allowed him to work with flexibility, while continuing to style the hair. Like Sarah, he also finished off with the Revlon Style Masters strong hold hairspray, to set the curls in place.

After oohing and awing over our hair for the next fifteen minutes, we had the pleasure of getting our nails done by Liliya, from CND Canada. My sister and I both fell in love with colours from CND’s Holiday 2015 Aurora Collection. The collection comes in the Vinylux formula, or Shellac.


Liliya began with my nails. After filing them, she applied the colour of my choice, CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Winter Glow. The great thing about this nail polish is that the colour turned out to be very pigmented – usually when I use light colours on my nails, they barely show up. This colour stood out from a mile away, it was the perfect pink-nude tone. It dried amazingly quick (under 10 minutes) and it didn’t even chip away within the first few days of having it on. Lilya informed us that there is no base coat required when using CND Vinylux’s nail polish, as the exposure of natural light is what activates the ProLight Technology, making your nail polish last for days! What else could you ask for? After applying two coats of the polish, Lilya applied CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat, to set the look. She also applied some CND Essentials SolarOil, which is a nail and cuticle conditioner – it made my cuticles much smoother upon application. The same process was done to my sister’s nails: we just picked different colours from the collection.

Colour: “Winter Glow”

Colour: “Winter Glow”


Colour: “Tundra”

Colour: “Tundra”


It was a great day with the Revlon Pro Canada Artists and the Artists from CND Canada. My sister and I discovered some great products and we loved getting great tips from professionals. The professionals advised me that products from both Revlon and CND Canada could be found online, at Trade Secrets, or at most professional salons. Check out some of the products mentioned and I guarantee you won’t be sorry!