Getting Ready to Garden

Fixing your garden does not have to be hard.

5 tips for a DIY home garden

Spring may have sprung a little late this year, but here are some tips for a successful garden that will have you growing in no time:

  1. Choose your garden space wisely. Since most garden plants need ample sunlight to grow, make sure that your garden is given every opportunity to succeed by being strategic with the growing conditions. Ensure you pick an area with direct sunlight for plants that need it. If you’re growing a vegetable garden, start small. Some vegetables keep providing throughout the season, so you may not need as many plants as you think.
  2. Build up your soil. Create a mound of organically rich soil in your garden before you plant. This will encourage a larger yield and an improved root system during growing season because there is less competition for nutrients compared to regular earth.
  3. Be smart about spacing. Receive better yields from each plant by paying close attention to how you arrange them. Avoid planting in square patterns or rows. Instead, stagger the plants in triangles which will let you fit more in. Just be careful not to space your plants too tightly — some won’t reach their full potential when crowded.
  4. Extend your growing season. If you’re feeling really ambitions, add a few weeks to each end of the growing season by keeping the air around your plants warm even when the weather is cold by using mulches, cloches or row covers.
  5. Aim for protection and comfort when gardening. Choose clothing that will guard you from the sun’s UV rays, is flexible for you to move around in, and is higher rise to provide you with coverage when you’re bent over the soil. The Shambhala all-over print capri from Mark’s allows you to stay flexible while it wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable.


SOURCE: News Canada