Glamping: When Class Meets Camping

Classy and camping are not two words generally put together. With limited toilet options, electrical outlets, mosquitoes and dirt floors, camping is generally an activity that falls into ‘roughing it’ realm. In the past, camping generally hasn’t been a choice for a glamorous vacation. The good news it the past is the past and in the present, glamping is all the rage! What is glamping? When glamour meets camping: the act of integrating the comfort and luxurious of home into your outdoor experience.

Why go glamping? It’s a fun experience in particular for those that may not be a fan of the traditional form of camping. It allows you to enjoy nature, get fresh air and connect with yourself or family/friends in a comfortable way. Factor in the beautiful sunrises, star gazing nights and cozy campfires, glamping can be a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Wondering exactly how you can elevate camping to glamping? We’ve got you covered!

Read our top five tips:

Cleanliness is key: A little dirt doesn’t hurt but a little effort to tidy your tent is definitely time well spent! Pack a small dustpan with broom to give quick, daily sweeps to your tent. Take your trash out regularly and pack wipes for quick clean-ups.

Invest in an air mattress: Get off the ground! Air mattresses come in varied sizes with automatic pumps that inflate within minutes. The difference a mattress will make is huge and well worth the investment (they usually last for years and can cost as little as $50). Pack extra pillows, a warm blanket, ear plugs (if you’re a light sleeper) and even an eye mask. Create a comfortable, cozy space you’ll look forward to crawling into every night!

coffeetinTake care of your toiletries: Keep your toilet paper dry and easy to carry with a portable tin. DIY: Cut a slit on one side of an empty tin (with a lid) to bring the toilet paper through and attach string as a handle. Attach a mini bottle of hand sanitizer to the string or place it inside.

picnic basketDress up your dining: Create a classier atmosphere with table clothes, reusable plastic dishes and cutlery. Pack plastic wine glasses (even if you don’t drink they add a fancy flare). An easy way to stay organized is to get a pre-loaded picnic basket.

coffeeteabagsPlan your meals: Prepare a menu to ensure you have everything you need. Campfire cooking is fun but don’t hesitate to pack a mini charcoal grill as well. Clear, reusable bins help make finding what you need easier. Throw a table cloth over them and you also can use them for dining or as a side table! If you aren’t a fan of instant coffee, prepare your own bags by placing grinds in a filter and tying them with dental floss.