Goddesses of All Things

Illustration: Woman multitasking

Are you amongst the many of us who have chosen to run the rat race? Caught up in a world of battling the onslaught of being present and engaged in multiple commitments and deadlines. Work. Kids. Spouses. Significant others. Parents. Siblings. In-laws. Extended family. Our circles of friends. Colleagues. Our places of worship, whatever those might be. Balancing traditions of community expectations with declaring our individual identity. And beyond that, our own heightened sense of needing to prove ourselves. It’s all about giving of ourselves – endlessly. It’s sometimes hard to spell out whether these are our own personal goals or whether these are driven by wants of others.

In a recent interview with Toronto based psychotherapist, Vaishali Patel, we chatted about making a personal choice between being ‘Martyr’ and ‘Goddess’. Patel’s summary: “We have to stop to take a check on whether we are Giving as Martyrs – which means giving with depletion, without caring for ourselves. Or if we are giving as a Goddess – from our abundance, where nurturing and supporting others comes from finding a wellness in ourselves.”

So much to explore in those ideas of being Martyr and Goddess, particularly that our wellness is driven by finding our intrinsic purpose. Taking the time to care for ourselves. As women, we can also strive together in that journey, by supporting and advocating in our own circles of influence. I hope your journey right now is one of being the Goddess of All Things.