GROOM: Men’s Grooming Products

The Male Perspective: 


The Gritty on GROOM

Three friends from varied backgrounds, searching for the best possible products for men’s grooming, joined forces in 2013 to create Les Industries Groom.

The core idea of Groom is to create products for men of uncompromising quality. The whole line was developed, tested and handcrafted in their Montreal workshop using only the best of natural ingredients.

They use no paraben, artificial fragrance, colouring agent or petroleum derivative; only ingredients from nature selected for their exceptional properties. Everything is made in small batches as to guarantee freshness and quality.

Our FUSIA Editorial Beauty Team trials and tests a variety of new products, and I personally love learning about the latest and greatest on the market.  However, we don’t often come across Men’s products, so when the GROOM package arrived it was a pleasant surprise. And when I handed the pristine parcel to my hubby he was even more surprised, as this was a true rarity for him, often surrounded by an array of fruity scented scrubs and rubs! He was immediately impressed by the sleek branding and design of the products and accepted the challenge to take on the GROOM trial.

 A Male Perspective on GROOM:

groom_shavingoil_darkbkgrndShaving Oil : “This product works great but requires some effort..  The shave is still very close but that layer of oil between your razor and skin provides just enough protection to prevent razor burn.

A traditional multi-blade razor did not work well with this product.  The oil/stubble combined to form little pockets of sludge that would clog the blades and made it very tough to clean.  A more traditional double edge safety razor easily solved that problem. The only other point of annoyance is that the clean up with the oil was much more difficult since oil and water do not mix.  I found myself washing the sink after a shave because you simply cannot just rinse it down the drain.”

Usage: Rinse clean skin with warm water and spread evenly a few drops of oil. Massage for a few seconds and apply shaving cream if using one. Proceed as usual with a good-quality razor and finish off with aftershave.

Ingredients: A well-balanced blend of rich, moisturizing, lubricating and regenerating oils that will create a layer of protection between skin and razor.  Castor oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, essential oils.

groom_aftershave_darkbkgrndAftershave Splash: “Loved this aftershave.  Just be sure to shake well before use.  The smell is fantastic (says my wife and 4 year old son) and it does an amazing job of closing your pores and just making your whole face feel and smell fresh.”

Usage: Apply liberally to clean shaven skin. Shake well before each use.

Ingredients: Witch hazel, denaturalized alcohol, aloe vera, chamomile floral water, vegetable glycerin, bee propolis, essential oils.

GROOM has my husband’s stamp of approval, and he’s converted a few of his bearded bros to their products as well. Overall, the guys at GROOM have done a great job of formulating high quality Men’s grooming products that work well (good for him) and smell pretty damn good too (bonus for me)!