How Smartphones are Becoming a Must-Have Fashion Accessory

Smartphone or Stylephone?

Savvy businesses, from independent pop-up boutiques to global corporations are embracing the power of the fashion forward and the proof is clear from the strategic alliances that are emerging. When Huawei launched its latest phone at the Grand Palais in Paris – the same iconic venue as Chanel’s runway show during Paris Fashion Week days earlier, there was a certain je ne sais quoi about it — which had little to do with tech. More and more, technology companies are recognizing there’s a fervent market of style-savvy shoppers that covet their smartphones not so much for their brag-worthy specs and innovation, but for the prestige and allure of how the pocket-sized pieces look and make them look in our social media driven society.

Getting Creative with Collaborations

Not too long ago, telecommunications conferences, conventions and ambassadors were overrun by tech heads.  These partnerships are now much more far-reaching, encompassing  music, arts and culture. From someone that admittedly doesn’t have a techie bone in her body, (my six-year old works the DVD player for me…and yes, I actually still watch DVDs) I welcome this creative change.  Take for example, Helena Christensen‘s partnership with Huawei.  One of the world’s most famous supermodels, she is also an acclaimed photographer and recently did a series of portraits titled “See More”, captured through the lens of a P20Pro phone. The shoot featured the everyday lives of three women — a jewelry designer, a ballerina and an international pilot. Entirely shot with the phone, Christensen said “I could get a lot closer to these amazing women, as it removed the need for any additional equipment, effectively breaking down the physical barriers that previously stood between me and my subjects.”

As a fashion lover and pop culture connoisseur, I am personally far more receptive to such collaborations or seeing empowering females, like Huawei’s newest brand ambassador Gal Gadot bringing technology and creativity together in innovative art forms rather than watching the latest tech ‘unboxing’ sensation.

A Whole Lot To Leica

Instagrammers, bloggers and selfie stars are reveling in the new era of smartphones because they offer them one of the biggest leg ups in our highly visual multimedia universe — the ability to shoot like a professional photographer.  Increasingly advanced systems to capture more light, more details and more beauty with innovations like Leica triple-lens cameras are game-changers for fashion and lifestyle content creators.  Top that with modern photo features like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D portrait lighting and a 24MP selfie camera and you’re sitting pretty (literally) with AI-beautified selfies flaunting glowing skin, delicately outlined facial details and realistic 3D feature enhancements.

Smartphone or Stylephone?

These days, much like our handbags, our phones are a must-have accessory. How many times have you been out with a group of friends and the moment  you’re seated, phones are neatly set on the table — “just in case the kids call” you ashamedly apologize. But some point during dinner, you sneak a peek on your Insta feed.  Guilty as charged I’ve done it too. Then there’s the ‘what I love about my phone/hate about my phone’ game that works its way into the conversation as we crave the newest model the chic trendsetter in the group has (whilst calculating when our own plan will be up and we can afford an upgrade).  And much like our beloved designer totes, we express our personalities through the aesthetics of our phones.  Are you a small notch girl?  Do you prefer sleek, slim lines or curves?  Does the exclusive Twilight or Pink Gold colour speak to you? And with steep price points that don’t raise an eyebrow, wince or cringe from would-be buyers, it’s clear these high end smartphones, like the recently released iPhone X, Samsung S9+ or soon to be launched P20 and P20Pro by Huawei are being revered by the fashion forward much like the Prada, Gucci and Dior purses they’re being carried in.

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So, as I sat in the Grand Palais last week, I smiled to myself as I eyed the wildly diverse crowd surrounding me. Amongst the some 2000 international attendees, I’d managed to snag a seat in the second row. Flanked with a musician from Dubai behind me, a fellow Canadian fashion photographer to my left and a Parisian socialite to my right, I felt perfectly in my element. The only thing bothering me were my aching feet, toes squeezed tightly in my highly insensible red high heel shoes. But par for the course. After all, this wasn’t a tech conference, this was a runway show – and I was ready to preview the collection.

The new HUAWEI P Series will be available for purchase in Canada through the following carriers: Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Videotron, Fido and Koodo.