How to Be Tactful With Criticism

When somebody criticizes you or your work, how do you manage to be cool and deal with it diplomatically and with dexterity? Read on to find out.

Generally, in broader terms, there are two types of criticism: constructive and destructive criticism.

If it is your boss at work, or your parents or hubby at home criticizing you, do not take it into heart. They are only trying to teach you better and mean well. So handle it adeptly, bearing in mind it is only beneficial criticism where you are bound to find a silver lining.

Sure, there are backbiters and naysayers everywhere – in your neighborhood, at work or anywhere. If these people criticize you, they don’t mean well and only want to pull you down. Hear them through one ear and reject them through the other ear. Don’t retain any of their words. Keep doing your work quietly. One day you will rise up the ladder of success, while they lag behind and be sulky.

So these two types of criticism will keep you at bay if you master yourself to handle them adroitly. There is a lot to learn from life and dealing with criticism is only a tiny part of it.

If you are unable to handle them skillfully, you may start to fall spirally downwards into an abyss. Control yourself and do not let yourself be a victim. There is always room for improvement. Be bold and have faith in your expertise and competence.

Sometimes your boss or your parents/hubby may even have the wrong ideas; if you feel so, come about with strong and rational points to convince them your viewpoint. If you can do so, a few people will believe you at first and then gradually you will have the next few people believing you and eventually the whole world will be listening to you. So there you go- you made your point only because you believed in yourself and had faith as well. So constructive criticism is not always bad – it is up to you to concede with it or refute it.

The best way to come out of destructive criticism is only to avoid those people who criticize you intending your downfall. They are pretty dangerous people. So stay aloof and keep a low profile in their vicinity. Gradually you will win over.

Summing up, constructive or destructive criticism, you must have the guts to deal with them tactfully and eventually overcome them victoriously only if you choose to believe in yourself, have the required faith and be happy no matter what.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, illustrating how you can handle all kinds of criticism tactfully, believing in yourself and having faith being major factors.


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