How To Be The Most Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner Host

It is easy to understand why Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday for many Canadians. Gathering over succulent food and rich conversations makes it easy to appreciate and understand the true meaning of the holiday and the special time spent with loved ones. While we contemplate and reminisce over everything we are thankful for this year, it is just as important to make sure we are unforgettable and organized hosts.

For first-time hosts or hosts that have a large party of people to feed, preparing Thanksgiving can be a taxing task. I’m hosting for the first time this year, and I can attest to those hostess pangs of anxiety as the weekend approaches. It’s that time of year where every magazine and TV show encourages us to unleash our inner chef and decorator to throw the perfect get-together for our friends and families. But rest easy, as creating an enjoyable and festive Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be as demanding or nerve-wracking as you think. Follow these tips to ensure everything goes smoothly:

Organization: Being in control and prepared is important but let your guests have a small hand in making sure you have everything you need to make the dinner a victory. Most guests will be eager to contribute to the gathering and will happily bring a home cooked dish or bottle of wine. To avoid sitting down to twelve pumpkin pies, coordinate with each guest to let them know what type of dish they can bring.

Set the tone: We all want to look our best when we see our family and friends in addition to family photos. Be sure to tell your guests if this is a casual or formal affair to make them feel comfortable with their outfit choices. For male hosts, fool your guests into thinking you took ages to get ready without having to actually put in the time and effort with a Denver Hayes Never Iron dress shirt and Perfectly Pressed pants. For female hosts, try the new Alfred Sung Stripe Fooler blouse and their famous signature trouser dress pants – or you can always go Desi Diva with your fashion!

Be a responsible host: There is a good chance some of your guests may choose to overindulge in the drinks. As the host, make sure you provide a place to stay and transportation home.

Hosting a large gathering can seem like a lot of pressure. To limit the stress, it is important to make sure you take control of the event by communicating with your guests, dictating the theme and atmosphere of the event, and accepting all of the help you can get in the kitchen. (Thanks in advance Mommas)

Happy Thanksgiving!