How To Combat Winter Gloom

Prepare To Beat Winter Sadness This Season

Winter is officially here, and with shorter days, it’s not difficult to catch a case of the winter blues. Feeling sad, sleeping more than usual, craving food, daylight, and having little motivation to do anything – this is what we call Winter Gloom. Here are 7 ways to fight the blues and feel happier this season.

Change Your Environment

A lack of sunlight is often the main cause of the winter blues so this first remedy is all about light therapy. Find a way to incorporate more light in your day. Opening the curtains or even taking a short walk outside with natural light – as little as 10 minutes of light can help cure your winter blues.

Physical Exercise

Feeling antsy? Exercise. Being active relieves built up stress and gives your mind something else to think about. Exercising indoors is simple – if you need a few ideas, check out At Home Full Body Winter Workout Routine.

Event Planning

Being surrounded by loved ones is always a great idea whether that be planning a night out in town, having a couple friends over for wine and cheese, or if you’re feeling up for the occasion, hosting a holiday party. Event planning can take your mind off the winter blues, and instead, focus on the good vibes soon to come. Just don’t go overboard and create even more stress for yourself!

Diet Changes

Feel better, from the inside out! A healthy diet can do wonders for beating sadness. When planning your diet, don’t forget to add some omega-3 fatty acids (i.e. salmon, soybeans, walnuts), lean proteins (ground beef, beans, lentils), and folic acid (leafy greens, pasta, bread). Don’t forget about vitamin D, the “Sunshine Vitamin” – milk, egg yolk, mushrooms, and cheese!

Embrace the Holidays

Try changing your mindset and welcome the wintertime instead. Embrace the holidays instead of resisting it. Thinking positive thoughts can do more than you think – staying indoors isn’t always bad! Surround yourself in blankets, drink hot cocoa, light some candles, watch a film or read a book… Feeling comfy and cozy has never been simpler.

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