How To Pack Everything You Need In A Carry-On

Make travelling light on your next vacation more than a pipe dream with these quick and convenient tips.

  1. Start with the essentials. Pack the things you absolutely need first so that you know how much room you have for the things you only want. Must-haves include your passport, identification and return tickets; medicines and medical devices; money, jewellery and electronic equipment; and basic overnight items.
  2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Fake a new outfit every day with small accessories that take up less room than complete ensembles. Scarves and jewellery are your best friends here.
  3. More of this, less of that. You can get away with wearing the same shoes and pair of jeans your entire trip, but you’ll want fresh underwear and shirts every day, especially in warmer climates.
  4. Cheat ( a little. Most airlines offer one carry-on per person, but many have free extras you can bring on board, like a purse, pouch, laptop bag or medical equipment case. Take advantage of the space in these items, spreading out your belongings accordingly. For example, pack your laptop separately and keep travel documentation in a purse or pouch. Just be sure to follow sizing and weight allowances carefully and you’ll enjoy these bonus carry-ons without charge.
  5. Travel-sized everything. Not only will this ensure all your creams and make-up meet the maximum size for liquids in a carry-on bag, but you’ll also save lots of room by not packing a value-sized giant shampoo bottle for a long weekend away. Save money by purchasing refillable travel-sized containers to use some of that value shampoo without paying the markup for miniature items.

If you experience a problem while travelling by air, including with your baggage, you can file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency. Their job is to help resolve complaints between passengers and airlines.


COURTESY: News Canada