How to Plan the Perfect Summer Weekend Getaway

Tips for The Perfect Summer Weekend Getaway

As we adapt to the changing world around us, we cherish our weekend getaways – from camping to cottage trips – more than ever. Despite the beauty of our country, we often only have a brief few months to truly appreciate the great outdoors.

This summer, make the most of these experiences by creating lasting memories to keep you warm through to next season. Before heading out for a countryside retreat or rugged escape, it’s important to remember some key tips to make these moments count:

Bring fun options. Rest assured that everyone can have a great time regardless of weather, lunch menus or lake temperatures. For those who tend to shy away from adventure, remember to pack a board game and deck of cards. Meanwhile, hiking boots and a karaoke machine are stellar entertainment ideas for extroverts.

Pack the essentials. While a getaway is all about escaping, don’t forget a key essential – an extra battery pack or a phone with a long-lasting battery. Unplugging is important, but a working phone is crucial in case of an emergency.

Remember to relax. Whether it’s catching up on a good book or sunbathing on the dock, incorporating music is proven to help relieve stress. For those looking for the ultimate playback, check to see if your device is built with 3D surround sound to kick your audio up a notch.

Capture the highlights. Lush landscapes, perfect sunsets and memories with family and friends are meant to be retold through your camera lens. Smartphones like the LG V60, which has a powerful 64 MP rear facing camera, allows you to capture 8K videos with hyper-realistic picture to ensure that your modern-day camcorder lets you relive the memories again and again in stunning detail.

(Source: NewsCanada)